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Design capacity
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        Production ability, research and development and testing equipment give expression to thecompany well enough. Now the company owns green and environmental protection and high intelli-gent modern machining assembly production base that composed lots of advanced equipments,leading technicians in this field and experts who got national award for special contribution make a strong scientific research and development team.
        The company brings in Dell network system, servicer and workstation. Apply UG software, CAD, CAPP, 3-dimension dynamic simulation, virtual manufacturing technology to finish 3-dimension solid assembly and interference detection and dynamic analysis.    Now Qiqihar Heavy CNC Equipment Co.,Ltd was awarded as an   important high-tech enterprise by Science & Technological ministry as it has capability in technical innovation and strong influence on this field, and it is also the first demonstration enterprise for ERP application and the innovation base for the graduate students training and the postdoctoral science research workstation  in Heilongjiang province.


                                                       National level technology center

2_副本.jpg Joint training graduates with Harbin science and engineering university


                       Technology enter


                 Research and development team


Postdoctoral science research workstation

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